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SB-8WMS-2.0 - 8 Way Vertical Coaxial Cable Splitter, 6Kv Rated, 5-1675 MHz Wide Band For Ethernet Over Coax Universal Home Networking, Compatible With 1GHz, MoCA 2.0, HPNA and DOCSIS 3.1 Networks

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Starburst Technologies is one of the original designers of MoCA 2.0 1675MHz splitters, amplifiers, filters and ground blocks. The company’s MoCA splitters perform flawlessly allowing unhampered MoCA communications between devices.  At the same they maintain the necessary performance requirements for the traditional CATV frequency spectrum.  Our Starburst Technologies brand MoCA products are used worldwide, where MoCA services are provided.


• Compatible with existing and future networks such as 1GHz, MoCA 2.0, HPNA and DOCSIS 3.1
• UL Listed 
• UL approved PCV 10 year non-fade label 
• Die-cast zinc tin plated housing 
• Tin plated copper soldered back 
• 3-way stainless steel ground screws 
• 360° gold plated beryllium copper insert pin
• High-density ferrites 
• Layered circuit board technology 
• Low isolation at the MoCA frequencies 
• Low intermodulation distortion 
• 6kV surge protection 
• Meets or exceeds SCTE requirements


Insertion Loss:
5-1000 MHz:  <  12.0 dB
1000-1350 MHz:  < 13.5 dB
1350-1675 MHz:  < 15.0 dB

Port To Port Isolation:
5-1000 MHz:  > 25 dB
1000-1350 MHz:  < 25 dB
1350-1675 MHz:  < 25 dB

Return Loss:
5-1000 MHz:  > 18 dB

RFI Isolation:
5-1675 MHz:  > 130 dB

Temperature Range:
(-40°C to +60°C)

Surge Protection:
CAT A3 6kV, 200A Ring Wave

75 Ohms

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