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SB-LPF-1002 Low Pass Filter MoCA POE Point Of Entry For Ethernet Over Coax Universal Home Networking

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Starburst Technologies is one of the original designers of MoCA 2.0 1675Mz splitters, amplifiers, filters and ground blocks.  Our MoCA filters have been engineered and designed to allow MoCA communications within a specific location. At the same time this high performance  filter prevents unwanted MoCA signals from getting into the coaxial network, which could cause interference culminating in possible service disruption. PDI Communications Inc. Starburst Technologies brand MoCA products are used worldwide, where MoCA services are provided.

The Video MoCA Filter is a passive coaxial network device which is installed in the coaxial link between the ONT and the input to the customer’s coaxial wiring and performs the following functions: 

• Passes RF Video and Audio in the frequency range of 5 to 1002 MHz 
• In MDU deployment, it electrically isolates, from a MoCA standpoint, the different residential units connected to the same in-building coax network.


Electrical: Impedence: 75 Ohm
Insertion Loss(5-800MHz): 1dB max 
Insertion Loss(801-860MHz): 2dB max 
Return Loss: 12dB min 
Rejection: (975-1500MHz): 45dB min 


Full Passband:
Full Passband Insertion Loss:< 1.8 dB
Full Passband Return Loss: > 18 dB

MoCA 2.0 Stop Band : 1125 - 1675 MHz
MoCA 2.0 Stop Band Insertion Loss: > 70 dB
MoCA 2.0 Stop Band Return Loss (Both Ports):< 1.3 dB


Housing: Brass 
Housing Connector: 75 Ohm, Male & Female “F” Type 
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +60 deg. C

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