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SBS-DC12 CATV Line Powered DC Power Supply 60Vac - 90Vac 50Hz - 60Hz Input 12V/2A Output

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Designed to work with CATV/ Networking systems where 60-90Vac is available through coaxial cable. The Starburst ® DC power supply converts the Network Cable Standard 60/90Vac source into 12VDC and/or 24VDC for use with equipment requiring DC voltages. Available with 1 or 2 outputs (12VDC, 12VDC & 24VDC, 24VDC & 24VDC).


AC Input 60-90Vac, 50-60Hz
DC Output: DC12V/2A
Ripple and Noise:
Inrush Current 30A(max)
Efficiency 87%
Leakage 0.75mA(max)
Hold-up Time 10ms@120Vac input
Operating Temperature -10 C to +40 C
Over Current Protection 150% rated current & short protection
EMI Requirement FCC part 15 class B or CISPR 22 class B (VDE)
Insulation 500 Vdc 100Mø(min)
AC In/Out Ports 5/8”– 24 ( Fuse:20A)
DC Out Ports F-Type or 5/8”– 24 (Option)
Dimension 6” x 5.5” x 3.8”

Optional: Customized output connections are available upon request.

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