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SB-120-220-50 Non Standby CATV Power Supply 120Vac or 220Vac 50Hz Input 60Volt/15Amp or 90Volt/10Amp 900 Watt Output

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SB-120-220-50 non-standby power supply provides conditioned power to signal amplifiers in cable television and broadband distribution systems. The SB-120-20-50 has screened vents and a power ON indicator light. The transformer is mounted inside an enclosure and supplies the load with current limited, fully regulated AC power that is free from disturbances caused by spikes, surges and other forms of power line transients. AC power enters the transformer, is converted into a quasi-square wave and regulated at the required output voltage. The power supply output is 60Vac or 90Vac field selectable,” Not to be used simultaneously.”

The SB-120-220-50 contains a ferroresonant transformer, resonant capacitor, input breaker, terminal blocks and some electrical components. The transformer is a ferroresonant design, which features constant and fully regulated output voltage, stable performance and high reliability. Primary and secondary windings of the transformer are physically isolated from each other by a steel core which reduces the capacitive coupling of spikes and noise to the secondary winding. A resonant capacitor is connected to the secondary winding of the transformer forming a tank circuit. The advantage of this type of transformer/capacitor design is the ability of the transformer to regulate its output voltage over a wide range of input voltages and output loading. It is advantageous in Broadband TV Network applications as active devices are protected from dangerous voltage fluctuations.


• Assembled And Tested In USA
• Screened and Ventilated 13 Gauge Aluminum Housing
• MIL Spec Powder Coated Finish
• Lockable Housing (Padlock Sold Separately) 
• Indicator Light That Illuminates When Power Is Present
• UL Compliant Grounding And Bonding
• Stainless Steel Fasteners Used Throughout Assembly
• Double Protection internal circuit breaker and automatic shut down sensor. In the event of a short circuit, overheating, or faulty wiring - the unit will automatically shut down. Once the problem has been resolved, just reset the automatic sensor and the unit will turn back on. 
• Operates continuously at 100% maximum load 
• Mount on wall, pole, or pedestal. 
• Easy Mount Wall Mounting Hardware Included


Input Voltage:  120/220 VAC
Input Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage Range: +/- 22% 
Power Factor: >0.90 at Full Load 
Protection: Circuit breaker IP, 16A Supp. (Thermo-magnetic release)


Output Current/Load:  15/10A Maximum
Output Voltage:  60/90VAC
Output Power: 900VA max
Voltage Regulation: ±5% 
Waveform: Quasi-Square Wave 
Efficiency: > 90% 
Protection: Current Limited 
Short Circuit Current: 150% of maximum current rating 


Enclosure: Vented / Lockable 
Dimensions: (H) 13.5” (W) 8.5” (D) 9.0” 
Finish: Powder coat 
Material: Aluminum 


Operating temperature -40°C to +55° 
Humidity 0-90% non-condensing


NEMA 3R Rated Weatherproofing Housing

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