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SB-LPF/GB MoCA 2.0 High Performance POE Filter With Ground Block And Surge Protector For Ethernet Over Coax Universal Home Networking

Specifications and Documentation

The SB-LPF/GB combines a high performance Moca 2.0 POE filter with a ground block. This reduces the number of devices and connections, simplifies the installation and saves the operator a considerable amount of money.


Starburst Technolo
gies is one of the original designers of MoCA 2.0 1675Mz splitters, amplifiers, filters and ground blocks. The company’s unique MoCA ground block has a high performance POE filter built into the unit. The ground block also provides surge protection as well. This outstanding product allows the user a grounding solution for the coaxial network, a high performance filter that prevents unwanted MoCA signals from interfering with other MoCA signals, and surge protection in the event the coaxial cable becomes energized.  It also allows the operator to install grounding, filtering, and surge protection all in one location.  All of this in one small neat package for easy handling. 


  • UL Listed
  • Tin plated, die-cast, zinc housing with dual grounding lugs
  • Tin plated copper soldered back plate 
  • 360˚ gold plated berylillium copper inserts (pin) 
  • ≤ 2dB insertion loss 5-1025 MHz 
  • ≥ 35dB insertion loss 1125-1675 MHz MoCA® PoE filter 
  • Nylon Polypropylene dielectric inserts
  • UL approved PVC 10-year non-fade label 
  • 3-way stainless steel mounting & grounding screw
  • 6kV surge protection (combination wave)
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable SCTE specifications



  1. It includes two stainless steel grounding screws for bonding considerations.
  2. Both “F” ports are on the same plane for simplified installation when placed in “NIDs” to more effectively deal with coaxial cable bend radius requirements or “Drip Loop” considerations when exposed directly outdoors.
  3. 6kV Combo Wave Surge Protection is integrated on both sides of the ground block to safeguard the customer premise equipment in case the coaxial cable becomes energized.
  4. A 5-1025MHz Point of Entry (PoE) filter is employed to contain potential interfering signals with the household, as well as to keep harmful interfering signals from entering, thus preventing service disruptions or other issues.

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