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PDI-60M 860MHz SAW Filtered Triple IF Loop Through Frequency Agile Modulator

Specifications and Documentation

The PDI-60M is a PLL synthesized, SAW filtered, frequency agile modulator. It offers 138 TV channels at an output of 60dBmV. This exceptional unit is manufactured and tested to the highest standards and complies with all FCC requirements. The PDI-60M covers all cable channels from 2 through 134 (54-860MHz) including A-5 to A-1 and HRC. Channel selection is accomplished with “user friendly” up/down controls on the front panel. The selected channel is then automatically locked into memory to insure correct operation after a power failure. For flexibility in operation the PDI-60M has three IF loops.


• UL Listed
• +60dBmV RF output level
• Microprocessor controlled Up/Down channel button
• >-60dB spurious performance
• FCC offset internally programmed
• Professional grade SAW filter
• Three loop-through connections
• 4.5MHz audio carrier input
• 5 year warranty
• ISO 9002 certified


Output Channels UP/DOWN Selectable 2 Through 134; A-5 to A-1
Output Level +60dB Range
Output Level Adjustment 20dB Range
Spurious Output At least 60dB Below Video Carrier (@ +60dBmV Output With Aural Carrier 15dB Down)
Broadband Noise 80dB Below Video Carrier (@ +60dBmV Output)
Frequency Stability ±5kHz Maximum (±3kHz typical)
Vestigial Sideband Resp. -20dB at IF Channel Edge; -60dB at Adjacent Video and Aural Carrier Frequencies and Frequencies Further Removed


Input Type Composite Video, Negative Sync.
Input Level 0.5 Vp-p Min. for 87.5% Depth of Modulation
Frequency Response +0.75dB (10Hz to 4.2MHz)
Differential Gain 3% Typical at 87.5% Modulation
Differential Phase <3 Degrees Typical at 87.5% Modulation
Hum and Noise -60dB Min. at 87.5% Modulation
Tilt 1.1% Maximum on 60Hz, 50% Square Wave
Group Delay Response Meets FCC Distortion Requirements for Color Transmission


Input Type Unbalanced (Balanced optional)
Input Impedance 600 ohm high Z
Input Level 250mV Min. for 25kHz Deviation
Frequency Response Mono ±0.75dB (30Hz to 15kHz)
Intercarrier Frequency 4.5MHz ±100Hz


Frequency Response 20Hz to 14kHz + 1dB
Separation 27dB 20Hz to 14kHz Typical
Pilot Rejection 50dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 60dB
Audio Input Impedance 10K ohms unbalanced / 600 ohm optional
Nominal Input Level (APL) 0dBm, Adjustable + 10dB
Distortion 0.5% Maximum THD


Input Impedance: 22 ohms
FM Oscillator: At 78.670 KHz is phased locked for stable output.
Carrier Output: bandpass filter with traps at 63KHz and 94KHz
SAP CARRIER KILL: SAP signal can be shut off with the SAP switch at
the front of the unit.

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