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PDI-60SFA 860MHz 60dBmV Low Cost High Performance SAW Filtered Frequency Agile Modulator

Specifications and Documentation

The PDI-60SFA 60dBmV output video and audio modulator offer the user a high degree of performance and flexibility for very nominal cost. The PDI-60SFA is tunable for any CATV channel from 2 to 134 which includes A-5 to A-1 and UHF/VHF channels 2 to 69. It is PLL controlled with SAW filtering. This offers stable performance and allows maintenance free adjacent channel configuration. It has a composite IF Loop which allows encoder and video override applications. Its video dynamic range insures 87.5% modulation depth over a wide video input range. The power supply used is a high efficiency switching mode unit. It works over a wide voltage and frequency input range eliminating the need for additional voltage regulating equipment. For a low cost agile modulator, the PDI-60SFA would be considered a best buy.


• +60dBmV RF output level
• Phase lock loop frequency control prevents frequency drift
• Simple push button selection for 134 channels
• User friendly controls
• SAW filtering for maintenance free adjacent channel configuration
• Excellent video and audio linearity for superior picture quality
• BTSC stereo generator plug in, PDI-60SFAS model ONLY!
• IF loop through for emergency alert or scrambling encoding
• Switching mode power supply allows operation worldwide
• Plug in power cord allows for any AC plug configuration
• Auxiliary AC outlet
• Test point for ease of monitoring
• UL listed Canada/U.S.
• Also available in all PAL configurations


Frequency Range 2-134 (54 to 860MHz [STD])
Frequency Stability +/- 10KHz (+/- 5KHz for offset channel)
RF Output Level +60dBmV min.
RF Level Control Range  0 to -20dB
Aural Carrier Control Range  -13 to -20dB

Video Input level 0.7 to 1.5 Vp-p
Video Impedance 75 ohm
Video Response +/- 2dB
S/N > 60dB
C/L Delay +/- 60ns (meets FCC regulation)
Differential Gain < 4%
Differential Phase < 3 deg

Audio Input Level 500mV RMS for +/- 25KHz deviation
Audio Impedance 600 ohm unbalanced (10K ohm for stereo mode)
Audio Response +/- 1.5dB 50Hz to 16KHz
Pre-emphasis 75µs defeatable
THD 1% max. @25KHz dev.

Power supply High efficiency switching mode power supply
Input voltage 85 Vac to 265 Vac
Input frequency 47Hz to 63Hz


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