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SB-HDQP-2130 ATSC to QAM Agile HDTV Processor Module 2 Output ChannelsSB-HDQP-2130 ATSC to QAM Agile HDTV Processor Module 2 Output ChannelsSB-HDQP-2130 ATSC to QAM Agile HDTV Processor Module 2 Output Channels

Specifications and Documentation

NOTE: Chassis and Power Supply Sold Separately

The SB-HDQP-2130 off air agile CATV processor is designed to take various types of video/audio content, and convert the signal into a broadcast quality MPEG-2 either in SD or HD clear QAM, that can be transported over typical coaxial distribution network. Prime markets for the Starburst Technologies product line include Lodging, Institutions, Multiple Dwelling Units, Bars, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Sports Venues, SMATV and Digital Signage.

There are thousands of analog head ends in place throughout the Hospitality Market. A majority of hotels have already upgraded - or are in the process of upgrading - to flat panel HDTVs. Analog signals generally will not provide hotel guests with the picture quality that they are accustomed to or deserve. The new Starburst Technologies HD Digital QAM line is the perfect, affordable solution to this issue. It allows properties to provide all DIRECTV free-to-guest channels in superior digital quality. Starburst Technologies’ products are designed to give any size property the ability to take control of their digital strategy.


• EASY SWAP OUT: Pull out old blades & slide in new Digital HD blades 
• Digital HD picture quality
• Digital Compression: 50% bandwidth reduction 

• MPEG2 and/or MPEG4 HDTV compatible 
• No Pro:Idiom® required 
• Remote IP interface 
• 2U design 
• Quick boot-up 
• Covers frequency range from 54 to 860MHz 
• Local control via friendly front button Control Panel 
• Remote control via supplied utility


Input Channel Combinations: 2×ATSC / 2×QAM / 1×ATSC + 1×QAM 


Channel range: 2-134 
Frequency range: 54-860MHz 
QAM mode: 64QAM / 256QAM 
Data Rate: 26.9Mbps (64QAM), 38.8Mbps 
Input Level: (-12 to +10dBmv) 


RF carriers: 2 
Channel range: 2-134 
Frequency range: 64QAM / 256QAM 
Data rate: 26.9Mbps (64QAM), 38.8Mbps 


Tuning range: UHF: 14-69, VHF: 2-13 
Input Level: (-30 to +10dBmv) 
Frequency range: 54-806MHz 
Data rate: 19.392Mbps CONTROL 
Local operation: Front panel push button 
Remote operation: Web browser 


PSIP: MGT/CVCT/STT regenerator 


Dimensions: 68×50×250 mm 
Weight: 0.8 kg 
Power source: DC 12V/ DC 5V

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